Karin Mendelovici is a mulitidisciplinary artist, lecturer, video editor and a yoga teacher. Photography, video, performance, ready-made and words are her materials in order to juxtaposition between different elements in attempt to create poetic and eclectic environments or structures that accumulates space, time and presence. This syntax contains layers of playfulness, improvisation and sorting out for nuances. She explores the field of thought, emotions, the reality, otherness, the body, transformations, relationships and dialogues. The everyday details, the dynamics between a person and his immediate environment, habits, threshold states, loose imagination, amateurish position, and blurry memories are her best inspiration. In this way, an absurd world is suggested, which moves between edges of existence, from the concrete to the amorphous. The fusion between the private and the communal, questions on political and social structures and aspects of freedom and movement are part of her work.

“In the process of art making I choose to react to situations surrounding me with wonder and a sense of being” km