Maxim Hotel

February 2012 by admin

Maxim Hotel
solo exhibition at the Julie M. Gallery, Tel-Aviv

The Mad Hatter Murdered The Time (with Tal Stern)

July 2011 by admin

The Mad Hatter Murdered the Time (with Tal Stern)
Action and it’s leftover
Sound Art: Aviv Stern
as part of the exhibition “Hey” at the Bat-Yam Promanade
Curated by Placing Time (Yael Tsabari and Hilla Cohen-Shneiderman)
July-August 2011

Unknown Parameter Value (with Tal Stern and Gil Jacobson)

June 2011 by admin

Unknown Parameter Value (with Tal Stern and Gil Jacobson)
Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, June-July 2011

To do it (with Reut Ferster)

March 2010 by admin

To Do It (with Reut Ferster)
The Oranim Gallery, Tivon, March-April 2010
Curator: Shuli Nachshon

To do it (2009, 14 MB, 2 min)


September 2009 by admin

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Tungsten092009 installation

Tungsten092009 installation

Tungsten092009 installation

Reuven & the Femme Fatale, 2008

May 2008 by admin

Make-Up, 2007

July 2007 by admin

Crab Grass, 2007

January 2007 by admin

Crab-Grass, 2006

April 2006 by admin

Alia ve Kotz Ba Club, 2004

May 2004 by admin