Maxim Hotel

February 2012 by admin

Maxim Hotel
solo exhibition at the Julie M. Gallery, Tel-Aviv

The Mad Hatter Murdered The Time (with Tal Stern)

July 2011 by admin

The Mad Hatter Murdered the Time (with Tal Stern)
Action and it’s leftover
Sound Art: Aviv Stern
as part of the exhibition “Hey” at the Bat-Yam Promanade
Curated by Placing Time (Yael Tsabari and Hilla Cohen-Shneiderman)
July-August 2011

Flute Manifesto

December 2010 by admin

Flute Manifesto
video: Tal Stern
duration performance (50 min) as part of the International Zaz Festival for Performance Art
Performance Art Platform
18.12.2010, 20:00, Central Bus Station Tel-Aviv
23.12.2010, 18:00, Madatech Haifa


Body Without Organs no.1

June 2010 by admin

Ups and Downs
duration performance (3 hours) as part of the event-research ‘Body Without Organs no.1′
Curator: Adiya Porat
3.6.2010, Kalisher Tel-Aviv


September 2009 by admin

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Tungsten092009 installation

Tungsten092009 installation

Tungsten092009 installation

Reuven & the Femme Fatale, 2008

May 2008 by admin

AA/AA/AA Mobile Gallery, 2005

November 2005 by admin

Head and Tail (Fountain, Stage, Boulevard), 2004

September 2004 by admin

Alia ve Kotz Ba Club, 2004

May 2004 by admin

Noga Window Display, 2003

July 2003 by admin